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Early 20's Daddy's girl im using this blog as an outlet i find it hard to talk to people in my rl about the d/lg relationship.

My Daddy passed away in June 2012 The day you went away my heart broke i collapsed and screamed and cried till i thought i would be sick. Time will heal these wound's but i will never forget you.


I am currently working on my weightloss goal's also so you may see fitness,diet,weightloss things scrambled in with the sexual content on my blog

Current Weight : 78 kg

Goal weight: 55 kg

NSFW, 18+, etc. If you see a picture for which you own the copyright and want it removed or if a image of yourself appears and you want it removed please message me.

"In the end, love isn’t about the physical appearance, who looks better with who, what she’s got on, and how many abs he’s got under his shirt. It shouldn’t be about neglecting your life and everyone in it before he came around, it shouldn’t be about losing your priorities and dignity, giving up your pride. Love is understanding each other’s backgrounds, being there for someone when you don’t have to, staying up for the other even if you gotta get up early the next day, its about laughing and taking care of each other’s heart, not walking away the second things aren’t perfect like they seem to be in the movies, because truth of the matter is, if you work at something, and do it together, push each other’s limits and love harder, it’s better than the movies, and it feels better too."